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Thank you for being here! I am so happy to see you. I hope you are all keeping well... First up - If you would like some audiobook freebies head down to the audiobook section and grab those.  Otherwise, pull up a chair, grab a cup of something delicious, get cosy and stay awhile. This feels so super daunting, which is bizarre coming from someone who firstly talks for a living and secondly has a masters in communications and marketing. This should be easy, like riding a bike.  For now, sit back as I share a few snippets of things and welcome you into my wonderful, eclectic and love filled world. If you like what you read, you can follow my links below on social media - I love to chat and share recipes and tales of life.

I WANT TO RIDE MY BICYCLE Ahhhh riding a bike. Isn't it funny how they use that phrase… “it is like riding a bike”… How old were you when you mastered that art? I was a little older than most, I have no idea why but I struggled to ride a bike. Finally I was taught by a beautiful, exotic and stunning French beauty called Arlette, who would call out to me in her husky French voice “GO GO go on Shaaaalie… you are amazing darling”. That beautiful memory of me finally mastering it has stuck with me forever. It reminds me to never ever give up! Is it daunting because I am sharing myself

with you? Maybe it is the fear of the unknown… who knows. All I know is I have been dying to do a newsletter to share my news, loves and snippets of life and what better time than now, when we are all home hunkered down in our respective homes, in this bizarre turn of events - together.

QUARANTINE GOT ME LIKE I would love to know how you have been coping with life in quarantine. I know friends who have bought boats and decided to sail away, others have been cooking and baking and on “Gluttonytours”, others have relished having kids home and others have struggled. However you have coped, and are coping with kids returning to school and things opening up, juggling the multitude of tasks and changing roles; I raise my glass to you and encourage you to have faith that YOU'VE GOT THIS!!! Speaking of Gluttonytours I will at some point be sharing more of the latter from my dear friend Natalie, the Gluttonytour guide, who is a master baker and foodie creator.

The two of us will be starting a lifestyle project together which is super exciting! Watch this space.

"Music Can Change The World"

- Beethoven

I would like to share the covers of a bunch of fabulous music with you. This was my Sunday playlist I gathered from awesome Spotify. I mean if you don't have Spotify are we even friends?

I LOVE MY JOB Life as an audiobook narrator and voice actor is a blessing. So many days I can honestly say “I love my job!!” As an audiobook narrator, I am so blessed to work with amazing authors who trust me each day to voice the work that they put hearts and souls into.  I adore receiving the manuscripts, and mark each character with care giving a personality or a trait that can hopefully shine through. Just marking up the manuscript is not enough for me, I need to really take time to read thoroughly to immerse myself into the life of the characters.  Simply there's nothing lovelier than receiving the manuscript and cosying up with it and a big mug of tea. Delightful! 


If you made it this far - woohoo and thank you! This was a baptism of fire, I am sure I need to tweak it for the next one.   And if you're loving what you're seeing and craving more, please follow me on social media! Until next time - thank you for being a part of my world. Be kind to yourselves. 

Charlie xoxo

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