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Charlie Albers

Charlie Albers


Friday - All the Feels!

Happy Friday Peeps! This edition has lots of goodies…

  • Some updates from me - calm in the chaos anyone?

  • One Voice Awards excitement - THIS weekend!

  • NAVA news - SO important, thank you to Tim Friedlander & Carin Gilfry for fighting for us

  • Info from the incredible one and only Tina Morasco on coaching - IYKYK

an illustration of a girl sitting on a pile of books holding a microphone with the words calm in the chaos above her... the chaos is chaotic and the calm is pretty and serene with flowers there are flowers in each corner of the image

For now… an update from me; I have recently started working with two separate clients, one as a regular feature writer and the other as a regular radio presenter (my voice on radio - ummm this is COOL).

These clients chose to work with me as I am able to dip into my background in psychology, wellness, as well as being a mummy to three beauties, a mental health advocate & a kick butt business owner - yeah I am used to juggling all the balls but not a day goes by that I am not grateful and not a minute goes by that I cannot utilize all the skills to help others.

The most recent article is written from the clients perspective, offering advice on how clients can work with voice talent and what is helpful to know. Extremely useful right now as we move into mental health awareness week. This will be in next weeks newsletter once it is live on the clients website.

I am loving the radio segment which is aimed at us as the talent. I offer “Calm In The Chaos” mindful moments peppered throughout your day to help ease you into the working week. I write them and present them and they are such a wonderful part of my day where I plonk myself on my beanbag in my studio, have some blissful music playing, my candles lit and my windows open to hear the birds and I focus for an hour to write… it is so serene.

Want to know more, or interested in collaborating with me to share your mindful moments for me to present to the world, just reach out and let's chat.

One Voice Awards

Keeping everything crossed for my nomination this Sunday… if I win I will be thrilled. But I am just chuffed to be in the room with this incredible talented crew of people I now call friends.

Good luck to all the nominees and thank you so much to Gravy for the Brain, J.M.C & to all judges. Have fun at the awards ceremony folks, I cant wait to see all the beautiful photos.

NAVA is pleased to announce the formation of the fAIr Voices Coalition.

a black circle with the words fAIrvoices representing the national association of voice actors work to get for compensation for actors

Over the past two weeks president, Tim Friedlander, and Vice-President, Carin Gilfry, have talked with the CEOS of the 5 major voiceover online casting companies about AI and synthetic voice production.

NAVA presented them with the fAIr Voices Coalition Pledge. This pledge states that these online casting companies will not use voice actor sound files to create or train synthetic voices without the explicit active consent of the voice actors involved.

Every single one of them agreed to sign the pledge without hesitation. And today Voices updated their terms of service to explicitly state that they will not create synthetic voices from voice actor sound files. And that they never have.⁠

#fAIrVoices: Consent, Compensation, Control Consent: meaning actors should have the right to decide whether or not they want their voice used for any purpose, including AI. Compensation: meaning actors should be paid fairly for the use of their voice print and the licensing of their voice and/or likeness. Control: meaning that once a synthetic voice is made, the actor should be ensured that it stays where it is supposed to and isn’t used beyond the scope of any agreement made between the actor, AI company, and end client.

To read more about the NAVA fAIr Voices Coalition and to learn more about the #fAIrvoices campaign, visit the link by clicking on the image above or go to

Friday Foghorn Alert

a logo of an M representing the logo for Tina Morasco voice acting casting director and coach

•Do you stumble when self directing? •Not booking as much as you’d like? •Need a Tina Tune Up but can get to it? Run - don’t walk to get this!!!! I’ve had the pleasure to audition for Tina & coach with her twice. Getting the key to her private library of teaching tools was a no brainier for me! Plus at school I was a librarian (and prefect & head girl - nerd alert!)… so yeah win win! Get on this now… what are you waiting for?

Head to THIS LINKY and until June 1st you can get 10% off!

And that is all from me for now… look out for next weeks which will be a special one for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Look after yourselves, reach out if I can help you & have a beautiful weekend

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