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Charlie Albers


Happy Holiday Edition

This is taken from my regular monthly newsletter that goes out to my subscribers, hence it may seem blurry... if you wish to receive it to your mailbox (which is NOT blurry) please opt in via the newsletter section of this website under Coaching & News.


It is my most favorite time of the year!!! I adore this time of year, lots of cosying up, making hot chocolate (check out my recipe below), finding the perfect, or not so perfect tree (read more below), listening to Christmas with the Rat Pack, finding the perfect gifts (check out my new find below for zero waste gifts) and sending carefully designed holiday cards…


And on that subject, this year I have decided NOT to send a holiday card, it didn't feel right to spend money on something so frivolous when people are struggling financially, but instead I have made a donation to the Voice Actors Of NYC Holiday Fund - and if you are so inclined please do the same.

You just PayPal whatever amount you would like to donate to - which is managed by the group president Carin Gilfry. This fund is used for actors within the group who may be struggling financially. All they need to do is to request $100, no questions asked - and that $100 can go a long long way. SO if you are able, please donate and help replenish the fund.


First up - I want to congratulate Robyn Babina on winning the $50 gift card!! Woohoo!! I chose to get this from Anthropologie as I personally love the store and I hope Robyn can find something she loves. Scroll down to check out Robyn Babina - award winning actor and producer. I used Wheel of Names to choose the names, as this was the fairest way. I will run another promotion so keep your eyes peeled.


So … what has been going on in my life? Well we went Christmas tree shopping which was a delight… bags of nuts roasting, apple cider, toffee apples and chilly walks through the farm picking out the tree, which despite me being allergic to I lovingly decorated and now… it's dead.

YUP hello 2020! sigh… You gotta laugh though. It is kind of funny. Less little full lotta sap, more little dead lotta needles on the floor… ah well, it was pretty while it lasted. I am not sure what happened, my daughter said she saw spiders in the tree so… yikes! Oh well…


That aside I have lots of exciting fun things coming out this month: -

* My new logo which has been designed in collaboration with an amazing Australian designer Kelly McMahon. AGH I am in LOVE…. look out for more fun things involving my little brand mascot Cassie. Isn't it sweet? Kelly was amazing to work with and I HIGHLY recommend her

* I am sharing a super fun commercial piece I voiced in class for Roger Leopardi which he then mixed. Roger was a blessing to learn from and work with, I cannot wait to learn more from him.

* My most recent meditation for Liv Lab is now live on the Hoom Band app - bliss out to that! And I have just started recording two more for them so watch this space Thank you to Allie at DDO Artists Agency for managing that for me.

* A new audiobook for Laura Burton is now live in Amazon and everywhere you can buy audiobooks. I loved this one it was so fun to record!

* I had a wonderful time playing my part in a team narration for Voices of Calm narrating A Christmas Carol (where I was so honored to work alongside some esteemed narrators), this will be released Christmas Eve so I will share that when it is live (nothing to share just yet)

* And finally - OMG drum roll …… my new video games demo - I am beside myself with excitement! Mike DeLay at Real Voice LA - you are my hero, a superstar and I love ya! Word to the wise, check out Real Voice LA they do some of the best classes and workshops around and I have had the best time learning among new and old friends. This will be finalised in January.. so you will have to wait ;)

So friends, I hope this newsletter finds you well, and remember, if you are struggling this holiday season, please reach out. I am here - just a phone call or email away.

You are not alone. All the love.

Charlie xo

PS: scroll down to read the fun things I want to share… don't forget to click through the links to find out more including some last minute gift shopping idea which I think is genius!

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