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Do you compare yourself with others, or as a barometer of your success do you look where you have come from?

I might not be a big name. I might not be well known. I might not have trained at some fancy acting conservatory (I studied food science & psychology in the U.K. & Holland so I’m no dummy) But I work damn hard & I’m respected. I have invested heavily in my training, my tech, my set up & I always deliver. I have amazing agents who get me incredible auditions and I’ve been privileged to read for some kick ass casting houses and book some hot work! Bit by bit my pebbles are adding up to make a damn sweet path to my own personal success.

For me, the measure of my success or where I am was the realization when I gathered all the logos of businesses I have worked with, as I am updating my website and also sharing work with my new agents (more about that another time).

So I wanted to put out to the world who I have worked with and manifest more. Above are some of the video games companies I have had the pleasure to read for - I am beyond thrilled and honestly I was quite surprised when I look at them all gathered together like a big video gaming party that I have been part of each and every one.

I know there have been many launches and releases of amazing games, and many of my awesome fellow actor friends have roles in them and I am thrilled for them. Some of the games I had the honor to audition for and whilst once in a while my heart breaks that I have not booked the job that I SO badly wanted, I sit in my realization that I have come far! SO far in a relatively short period of time.

And trust me, this business is brutal. Especially now.. pandemics, strikes and more.

But as my agent told me this week as I prepare for a session with one of my all-time heroes in gaming - “You are perfect for this and they will love you. Focus on your wheelhouse strong female leaders, warriors, bad asses. It should be great for you.”

And so as I sit here reflecting on the past 4 years of relentless hustling I feel one thing.


Thankyou - for taking a chance on this nerdy voice actor . I’m forever grateful.


  • Listening to - Khrunangbin I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this vibe, a really perfect listen

  • Reading - Prepping an AMAZING HOLY HECK thriller with my flipping amazing co-narrator who I have been in masterclasses with - she is award winning and AMAZING I am in awe

  • Watching - Virgin River - Adore this series, makes my heart calm and I love the feel good factor

  • Cooking - Right now nothing exciting as I am trying to get my cholesterol down it is dangerously high (boo)

  • Doing - Updating my website after some kick ass wins and agency signings

What have you been up to? Drop me a line - I love to hear your news! With love always, and “Shana Tova” if you celebrate Rosh Hashanah.

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