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Charlie Albers



I get sooo many questions from people on my branding. Who I used.. and the answer? Me! I did it!

There are countless people who can help you define your brand, and lord knows when I started my business I had so many offers from amazing people. It was tempting. But as an entrepreneur and someone who not only has a degree in consumer behavior and psychology, but is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I wanted to do this myself.

So how did I design / define my branding?

In 2020 my clients started reaching out to me to help them with recording meditations and mindfulness for staff and to aid them in the many many Covid19 recordings necessary at that time.

Holistically over time as I realized what my brand was and what I was offering to my clients. Leaning in to my passion of meditation and mindfulness. Using peaceful pastels and serene branding that made my clients feel at ease. I phrased the tagline "the voice of calm in the chaos". On top of that I started to use a phrase a University lecturer coined to describe me; "a little grit and a lot of grace".

Last year I started working with my designer who nailed the illustration brief using my sweet dogs as inspiration and branding mascots, together with my quirks of a streak of white in my reddish hair (natural - yes in the words of L'Oreal I am born with it), my love of towering high heels and my move from the UK to the USA.

This weekend I took my branding one step further in buying a car in one of my brand colors. A Jeep Wrangler in a pale grey/aquamarine that the dealer told me was unique and limited edition. Perfect! A unique color for my unique brand. A beach car for my beach life... calm and serene and fun!

I offer my clients my voice of calm in a time of chaos, they come to me not knowing what they want or how to get it and I calmly take the brief and provide them with a beautiful finished product they can be proud of.

I have been honored to work with the likes of Disney, Max Mara, Christian Dior, Spotify, Lionsgate, Universal Music Group, Warner Bros and so many more.

If you are interested in working together, just reach out via my LinkedIN DM's or drop me an email and let me put you at ease knowing you are in good hands. Let me take the load from you... we can chat virtually over a cuppa or if you are local to me, we can meet at the beach.

Just know that whatever I do, I do 110% - I mean who else buys a car to match the brand? #ido

Charlie xoxo

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