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Monday Musing...

A little home, A lot of friends, A little moan...

First up - A little home...

Something happened to me, to us, recently that made me miss home terribly. I won't go into it here, but it made me really stop and think. Being an adult is hard, we have to carry on even when we really don't want to. To keep on for the sake of our kids, we have to "keep calm and carry on".

Normally I just shrug off feelings of missing home, but this week I felt more homesick than I have in a very long time. I missed my family; my step father George hugging me and saying “It will be alright Spark”, or my dad smiling and trying to make a joke and lighten the mood. I missed the warm hugs from my mama and the comfort of my mums kitchen where as a child, nothing bad ever happened, it was all lovely home cooked food and comfort, music and laughter. I missed my sister and her hugs and how we chat for hours and hours…

I was so desperately in need of the comfort of my family and my home, but the reality is home is not England anymore… it is here. This is my life now. This is home.

This week I have had some amazing friends reach out to me to check in, to chat or to bring me coffee and delicious cakes & biscuits. It made me feel a lot better and made this week much easier to bear, because whilst I don't have my family here, I do have my sweet friends and for that, and for them, I am grateful.

So… Thank you.

Next up - A Lot of Friends...

Congratulations to Charlie Mackesy on the BAFTA win! I was streaming this Sunday and screaming my bonce off!!! My sister Tiffany bought this book for me a couple of years ago, then last December we sat as a family & watched it together.

If you haven't watched this I URGE you to… it is magical and wonderful and will make you cry. It is about an unlikely group of friends who go on a journey together to get the boy home. It is about friendship, fears, hope, courage and above all else - kindness.

Very poignant given my post above… You can watch it on BBC iPlayer or AppleTV.

Finally - A little Moan...

Yeah - I am gonna make this a regular thing. Cos why not? Let's all have a good old moan. Today's moan - The latest trend - "Clustering". Case in point - read the article below…

Makes me chuckle how things we used to do, or do now without thinking, suddenly become a "thing". They now teach you how to "cluster". It is trendy. Everyone is doing it!

My houses have always been clustered - yeah you read that right, not cluttered, not flustered but clustered… I think I have spent my entire life trawling flea markets and "clustering"... decorating my house with “stuff” just by chance and accident. I was told when I moved to the states (by an interior designer) that my style was “too much” - ha whatever I LOVE being too much but guess what, too much is now trendy.

Trends - they are funny things. Growing up I dressed like an Urban Outfitters shop and listened to Massive Attack on vinyl and now - those things are cool and trendy… back then? Not so much.

I remember when I had an apartment in Bath and my flatmate wanted my Venetian glass ashtrays that my grandfather had given me, that I used to hold earrings and trinkets and were peppered around the place. Why? Because at that time they were trendy". I didn't have them for trendiness, I had them as they told a story. But she wanted them… she did not get them (obviously).

Now according to Tok Tok there are "un-influencers" fighting against the trend of the "influencers".. but meanwhile they are still influencing?? Sooooo they are still influencers, just named differently.

I am so confused. Life is complex.

If you need me I am in my clustered corner of my studio listening to Massive Attack... and pining over IG pages of Britain.

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