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Charlie Albers


My wish for you

Well here we are January 2023…

If I had one wish this month, with it being my Birthday month, the month I turn 48 (yeah I am a Capricorn - hence the image - BIG thanks to my amazing designer who drew me some illustrations as my Birthday gift), it would be that each of you take a little time out, one or two hours in your day, to do something other than your normal routine.

To break the daily working habits of life and work and to shake it up. To make a flask of coffee and go for a hike, to walk the dogs in the park, to go rowing in your lunch hour on the chilly water, to breathe in the fresh air on the beach as you listen to the water gently ebbing and flowing, or maybe to sit in silence on your own in a cafe, or a park and to just watch the world go by… something, anything that you don't normally do.

I am not talking about meeting friends or being busy or working out or even reading or listening to audiobooks. None of that … just a few hours of peaceful silence. To just let yourself be calm and still… It really does wonders for your mental health to be able to sit in silence. I did it over the holidays. No audiobooks, no music, no talking - just peace and my own inner thoughts. It was quite serenely surreal to be in silence after talking non stop for hours on end.

Many of my friends are making resolutions - I am not making a New Years resolution. I know if I do I will be obliged to stick to it.. yeah sure I want to lose weight, get fit, work smarter and harder, to see my family and friends, learn how to paddle and get back to rowing and maybe cook more at home. But I know if I wrote all that down I will feel I HAVE to do it and then it is no longer joyful it feels like an obligation.

Well that is my opinion anyway and I am always a stickler for the rules. If it is written so it shall be done. And honestly this year I just want to do less, not by doing less, but by expecting less of myself. To just go with the flow…

But I am actually NOT writing it down, like I said I don't want to feel obligated - Oh this doesn't count. It is my newsletter, not my resolution list (before you get smart and sassy with me and tell me I have written it all down…). Although now it is written down I guess I have to do it. Darn!

Wishing you all the very best of everything for 2023.

With love xo

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Happy 2023 xo

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