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persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success

Oooh my favourite season, it truly is autumn now, I have refreshed the porch with new rugs and flowers, cleaned the garage and I have been cooking butternut squash soup with ginger and apple.

Fun Fact… did you know I am a trained chef and studied for my BSc in food science. I really should cook more than I do (sorry kids).

You know it's autumn when you can no longer sit outside at night without something warm to cover you… Sunday night I had the mini fire pit going under the tree, and I plonked myself down with a drink, and it was really very lovely… listening to music with the dogs at my feet and the lights twinkling around us, winding down… bliss. Chilly, but bliss.

I took an amazing session with a casting director last week and they commented how they LOVE actors who have had training, like PROPER training. Not workshops etc. Although those are amazing too.. so I am now seriously considering going back to my on camera acting classes - what are your thoughts? An unnecessary expense? I really loved mine and they helped me to get out of my head.


In my last newsletter I mentioned some new agency signings… so here we are. This kind of leads on from the title of perseverance…

This is where you can find me:

  • LA - Dean Panaro Talent NEW!!

  • NY - Stewart Talent | AB2 | BAC Talent

  • PNW - In Both Ears Inc. NEW!!

  • U.K - Excellent Talent NEW!!

  • Turkey - Duygu Basara

I am aware how fortunate I am to be represented by some of the biggest and best agents in the world especially now as we navigate the strikes and I will continue to be the best in my field.

Thank you for putting your faith in me :)


Listening to - Escape Kx5 - Hayla This is my summer track and I love listening to this in my garden late at night with the fairy lights on, the fire blasting and the pups - Find it HERE Reading - The Glittering Hour - Iona Grey. Heartbreakingly beautiful… I chose to read some of this for Ally at Macmillan I almost didn't get through without crying. Fun fact after reading Ally invited me to join Macmillan. Emotional heartbreak is definitely my wheelhouse…

"Spanning two decades and a seismic shift in British history as World War II approaches, Iona Grey's The Glittering Hour is an epic novel of passion, heartache and loss." Watching - My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 If you wanna laugh SO hard, just go straight to the scene where they are having the college event (no spoilers) Cooking - Autumn yummy things Going to be slow roasting veggies from my garden and from my daughters BF's garden (thank you Esther), blended with a bit of feta cheese & tons of chili to make a yummy spicy soup. Photo above is actually butternut squash with ginger and apple and is one of my favourite autumn combos. Doing - Researching for my sister holiday We are making it an annual thing! Any ideas, throw them my way! Prepping - my next book which is a 16 hour beast! “Observations on the Danger of Female Curiosity: Including an account of the unnatural tendencies arising on the over-stimulation of the mind of a lady” - I will keep you posted when it comes out - so look out for it, I pray I do it justice. But for now, WOOF… see you on the other side. But it is AMAZING and I am grateful to Tantor for the amazing things they send me. Loving - This new find… Ffern | Artisan Eau de Perfume I have been looking for some new unique scents and stumbled on Ffern. It is small batch, organic, natural perfume, made in UK. Blended for the names on the production ledger only. I just received autumn number 28 and OH MY NOSE… it is divine. It smells like a long fresh walk in the falling leaves, spiced orange blossom whisky, dancing late at night under the stars near a woody bonfire. I can't wait for more to arrive. AND I love the way they package up the delicious smells with some amazing extras.. little terracotta circles to add the scent to and leave in your car, a mini atomizer for your purse, a picture to frame, some delicious herby tea… the whole aesthetic is SO ME. I am in love … I am IN LOVE. What have you been up to? Drop me a line - I love to hear your news!

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