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Charlie Albers

Charlie Albers


Schools Out...

Time to decompress, have lazy mornings in bed and rest...

hahaha who am I kidding?! This is the time where I juggle all the balls, kids, summer plans, driving kids to and fro, arranging trips on the boat and STILL managing my work and clients as if I have all the hands and help in the world and then wonder why at 4pm I am starving (spoiler because I did not have time to eat more than a cheesestring and some goldfish)

image copyright : Charlie Albers

Don't get me wrong... I LOVE the summer break, I love being with my family and watching my kids catch up on sleep until midday and eat all the snacks in the house and then demand I cook them a full 3 course meal (kids are permanently hungry - lord knows how they get through the school day cos I am certain the teachers don't rock up with baskets of fruit and muffins to class or order Uber Eats deliveries all day long..).

And please don't get me started on the ever expanding piles of washing (why so many clothes when they are only awake 50% of the time), the dishes (so many yet I never see them cook), the dog that needs walking and sweaty, stinky dark bedrooms that need tidying.

I have learnt to not converse with my kids before a certain hour or before a certain % of calories have been consumed. Summer for them is a bit like an animal coming out of hibernation... school is out and so are they! Except they are not... they are in bed, sleeping the day away and I am walking over piles of clothes strewn around the house like it is a "floor is lava" game.

OK - I know this sounds harsh. Trust me, I love the summer, I need my kids to have serious down time, the school year is crazy busy and they work hard and deserve the break. We don't do camp, we just kick back and relax - go with the flow is our motto. I honestly don't care about the mess in the house, the piles of washing, the empty milk cartons in the fridge so I am forced to drink black coffee, or the messy headed teenagers meandering through the house all day... I love it. I would NOT have it any other way! Because one day they won't be here and THEN I will really be sad... and lonely.

So, for now, I will silently grumble as I pick up the clothes and wash the dishes, but you know secretly I love it. I will do this all day everyday to have my kids home with me.

In other news I have a new ve-vamped website - go check it out -

If you are looking for a British voice actor - you know where to find me :)

Have a wonderful day. Just remember to add extra milk to the shopping list...

image copyright : Charlie Albers


If you are looking for a voice actor, on camera actor or narrator

Please do feel free to email me

or call / text / WhatsApp me +1 203 939 8195

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