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Thankful For..

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A little Grounding Meditation Audio ...

Oh my goodness, what a week! Or rather what a weekend. It was so busy that it literally felt like a week crammed into 3 days.

First it was the 3 day “That's Voiceover Career Expo”, which was mind blowing and phenomenal, the Lake Bell and Joe Cipriano session left me SO emotional! To hear how she loves getting her kids involved in her career, how they have such an interest in her work and how they inspire her meant the world as a mummy, a VO and a business owner. I am now going to watch her film; "In A World" again Find it here on Amazon

Then Sunday was training with the AMAZING Ryan Clark; Disney Writer and Promo Producer. I mean - WOW! It was phenomenal. You all know I love my Real Voice LA sessions check out what is to come -

My brain has exploded with all the information, talent and titans I had the pleasure to listen to and learn from. Congrats to all the nominees and winners - you guys are BEYOND amazing! And thank you to ALL the organizers. Phenomenal…

I had a wonderful client session yesterday for my “Spill The Tea Coaching”. For those who don't know I offer a 30 minute chat over tea, to break down any blocks, set some new paths and to alleviate any stress. We chat and I follow up with ideas and tips and tricks and hints together with a 3-5 minute meditation or exercise that I design specifically for you that you can dip into when you need it. This is not me teaching you the intricacies of VO, it is not JUST for VO, I can recommend coaches and demo producers and all that fun stuff. Think of me as a sounding board to help you…

To give you an idea of what I do. Yesterday my client needed some grounding and leveling, to counteract the feelings of being overwhelmed. She has a busy house, building a house, teenage kids and a business to run - so we chatted and I looked at ideas to help her focus.

Today my client needs a little technical help, so we will be working through that together., I have already helped her with equipment help and I am a friendly ear she can test things out with for no judgement.

Both clients get a bespoke 3-5 minute recording of my voice… No don't worry you don't see my nerdy face :) unless you want to in which case I will make a video instead, yes I still can't believe people have asked for my face on video - nerd alert!

Speaking of videos, I am using a new video / audio system called Wherby Meetings instead of Zoom - have you tried it? I would love your thoughts.

This week of course is Thanksgiving and despite not really celebrating that in the UK it is one thing I have embraced fully since living stateside. I love the idea that for 2 days we give thanks and gratitude and no presents are involved, just wonderful cosy meals made together. Although I cannot (will not) embrace the marshmallow / sweet potato or pumpkin combo… yeah, not for me! I am a savory girl through and through.

Our marshmallows are for s'mores which we will do indoors over the big log fire to share during a movie (any suggestions???) and the sweet potato will be made into fries to have with a big leg of lamb. Yes I am aware the tradition is turkey, but we like a good leg of lamb in this house with loads of veggies, dauphinoise potatoes and some homemade cranberry and whisky sauce.

…scroll on down to read more, as well as get the link for the Mindful Conversation Starters and more

PS: In the spirit of Thanksgiving I want to give away ONE 30 minute coaching* session to TWO clients. So head on down and sign up - GOOD LUCK xo

* FOR YOUR INFORMATION Coaching is charged at $50 for 30 minutes for the rest of the year

As it is Thanksgiving I want to give thanks to my sweet family, who have been awe inspiringly amazing, we have had tears, tantrums and laughter, but it's been fun (for the most part), and I have loved watching them study and having parent teacher feedback on how well they are doing really warms my heart. But I am excited for us all to have a much needed 2 days off to eat yummy food, and watch movies together on the sofa under a blanket. For those who know me I NEVER relax, never stop, never nap.. I am a night owl AND an early bird.

I also really want to give thanks to my amazing agents at DDO who carry on keeping me busy and who have not stopped at all, and a HUGE congratulations to Marissa on the birth of her sweet baby girl. I wish you all lots and lots of love. What perfect timing to have your girl with you. That is the best gift ever.

Without running the risk of this seeming like an Oscars speech; I also want to thank my stupendous business coach Karen Summerton. Karen has helped me through her amazing Actors Career Lab Group - and I highly recommend this for anyone looking for business savvy guidance and support with like minded peers. If you would like to join her group, drop her an email

And to ALL the coaches and teachers and mentors I have worked with and trained with in VO workouts and more - YOU are amazing. I am so thankful you all carried on via Zoom… keeping us voice actors learning and working it is truly brilliant!

Finally I want to say I am thankful for all of YOU, my peers and clients and friends… for your love - you rock and I am excited to hear my little newsletter makes you guys smile, hopefully you are laughing WITH me not AT me ;)

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are - have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Don't forget to sign up to my coaching offer!

With love,

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