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Charlie Albers


Thankful for ...

"Guess who's back… back again… Charlie's back… tell a friend" - Or not… ;)

Yup, I am back again! Well, I did say things have been busy, so here are some more updates…

The reason I like to share these with you all is to not to show off, I want you all to know if I can do it. YOU can do it.

Most who know me know that I don't come from an acting background, my degree was in food science and psychology - nerd alert, but I have slogged and learnt and networked and grown my business and I am not only proud I am beyond amazed at this incredible world of acting I adore so much (and insanely grateful for the people who reach out to me or recommend me - like whuuut!!??).

What has been going on?

First up - NEW Narration Demo Vid to watch… check it out above.

Recently I recorded my documentary narration demo with Nick Clinch from Notable Voices as this is an area of work I love immensely. I wanted to add this to video, so I worked with Remy again who transferred these to video and I am thrilled with what they produced. The first one is below - LOVE the old vintage vibe. I will share number 2 when it is done.

I updated my website with my videos and within a minute had been contacted by a new narration client CHARLIE'S VIDEO PAGE HERE

Click the big image above of me painfully perched on some buildings to listen / watch this.

And now, more updates.

1 - Audiobooks

I have been fortunate to record a cool Middle Grade one my kiddo will LOVE. It was fun to voice a 13 year old girl who became invisible.

Also narrated another set in WW2, which was tough in parts to narrate but such a great story to tell. And I recently wrapped an amazing fantasy with a co-narrator which I LOVED (hello to zero pick ups - thank you Pozotron).

All of these will be added to my website asap. CHARLIE'S AUDIOBOOK PAGE HERE

2 - Video Games

I am thrilled to be in 2 different video games - ChromaGun2 & The Mortuary Assistant - currently in production. Both under NDA so that is all I can say right now. This shows the power of networking as I was recommended by fellow voice actors for these roles.

Also a game I was in last year - Hogwarts Legacy - part of the Harry Potter franchise from Warner Bros., is part of the Games Awards 10 year celebration in LA June 25th where they are showcasing special performances of some of the best of the best in gaming music. If you are in LA, check it out!

Now, I KNOW there is a ton of controversy around JK Rowling, I personally do not agree with her views or opinions - at all. BUT that does not take away from the fact it is a great game, based on an amazing book that I am proud to be part of at this stage of my career. When I took on the role, I donated a % of my earnings to the

3 - AWARDS!!!

Sticking with gaming for a while - I am up for ANOTHER One Voice award! Again for my Interactive Gaming Demo! Cross everything for me.

Busy busy… but always space to play. Balance of calm in the chaos as always…

Stay well. I would LOVE to hear your wins and joys and if you ever need to chat - my DM's are open.

Charlie xoxo

PS: Want a new Podcast recommendation?

Check out Carin Gilfry & Jamie Muffett in the NEW amazing VO Breakfast Show Podcast they both host.

These guys are so fun, so funny and honestly this is natural and just delicious! My weekly burst of giggles and caffeine from two of my favourite VO peeps. Click the image below and go to Spotify to listen - I LOVE IT!!!! THIS episode had me in fits of laughter! I swear it is the medicine we all need. Teeny spoiler Jamie is going to be moonlighting under a new name… (not really).

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