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Charlie Albers

Charlie Albers


Two work shares...

1 - It's Spooky San and so with that in mind it is a great time to share this:

"A Demon Ate My Baby - A True Crime Podcast / Horror Short"

After putting her children to bed, a woman at home alone, puts on her favorite true crime podcast. This episode is a little different and unbeknownst to her, the night heads in a terrifying direction.

I love this job - especially when I get to work with my friends!!

Produced by Chris Fitz, Greg Johnson and Santo Scardillo

Demon Ella Perry

Woman/Podcast Host Candace Fitzgerald

Podcast Host Charlie Albers

2 - Nothing spooky about this next one:

"ADR Dubbing Training"

I love dubbing and ADR and often get asked to voice match for a number of actresses or to ADR / Dub for foreign series or films… it is SO much fun but let me tell you - it is HARD!

Remember back in the days of old, dubbed films had TERRIBLE lip syncing…it was comical. Gone are those days. Now the lip flaps have to match up and it is a whole technique all on it's own! Next time you watch something, check the credits and see if it is dubbed - I bet you can't tell.

With that in mind I am sharing this cool piece I worked on with Tanya Rich & Henry Willard:

**No copyright infringement intended. Copyrighted material only used for training purposes and not broadcast for profit.**


With grit & grace

Charlie xoxo

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