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Charlie Albers

Charlie Albers


What is happiness to you?

What does it mean to you and what do you do to ensure you are enveloped in it? What is your happy place?

Happiness can be achieved in a heartbeat and lost in the blink of an eye... And it doesn't matter how much you try, often other peoples opinions can weigh heavily on you, sucking away at the happiness that you have so carefully curated. Today, as you go forth in your life and work, don't let other people destroy the happiness of your world, your life... don't give them the key to your happy place. Choose work that brings you joy. Hang with people who lift you up. Do things that make you happy. Shut the door to your happy place and make this day YOUR day.

Even if yesterday sucked, even if you went to bed weary and exhausted, know that today is a new day, and you CAN make it exactly as you want it to be. Fill it with happiness, love and joy.

Talking of joy I recently moved my youngest sons room around, sorted his closet, tidied his gaming room and set up the guest room (how many pairs of “kicks” does one boy need???). I have de-cluttered my studio & set up a lovely yoga / reading area in the attic - things that bring me joy!

Have a lovely, hopefully restful, weekend.

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