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Charlie Albers

Charlie Albers


Year of the Ox

I think it is highly appropriate that after 2020, this Lunar Year should be the Ox… after all as the saying goes “Strong As An Ox”.

If we can get through 2020 with our heads held high and our sanity (mainly) intact, then we can do anything.

A little bit about the Oxen. These majestic animals are honest and earnest. They are low key and never look for praise or wish to be the center of attention. Granted this often hides their talent, but they are cool, they’ll gain recognition through their hard work.

Oxen believe that everyone should do what’s asked of them and stay within their bounds. They are kind, rarely losing temper, choosing rather to think logically and because of this they make great leaders.

I think these are qualities we can all manifest for this year and beyond.

Hey Friends!

So… How has life been for you guys? It has been a while since my last Newsletter or Newsbite (December I think was my last one) so I thought I would pop in and say hello, and let you know what I have been up to and to let you know as always I am here if anyone needs a chat.

I have had a bunch of chats with people about how to go about navigating a new year with a new way of thinking. My methodology is to recreate my mindset as a fresh slate. I start the new year by looking at where I have come, what I have learnt and by listing my goals, and these are not always work related some are personal and family goals too. One goal I have is to be strict on work times - trying NOT to work weekends and late into the night. Working smarter not harder.

This year is a time to re-focus my energies. Last year I was looking to move house, which didn't happen - thankfully, as it was crazy, busy and unnecessarily stressful!

After losing out on several beautiful homes in a row, I decided why move when I have what I need right here. So now I have a plan to build a home studio and a couple of other garden projects that I can get the kids involved in. I worked with a builder to design and build my current house and so have a team ready to help me… now if only Covid can stop screwing my plans to get the materials it will be great!

In between working, being with the kids, my building projects and more, I have been writing my short; 'SNOW" fleshing it out and pulling character profiles, themes, playlists and other ideas. I am not really sure what will come of this, but it is fun to write and be creative.

Recently I had the pleasure to do a super fun on-camera chemistry read for a short film written by a fab young award winning writer & producer. More on that another time… perhaps :)

Right now I am getting ready for my next headshots session with the awesome Charlie Pappas, but I have to be honest having my headshots done is tough. I am too much of a dork :) That being said working with Charlie is great as he makes me feel super relaxed and we end up chatting about life - he rocks and so I am pretty excited for this session. I am lucky I have worked with some fab headshot photographers, but Charlie is my favorite. Check out Charlie here

I am gearing up to send out my amazing video game / character demo to a list of contacts I have - I am so happy with the work Mike DeLay at Real Voice LA did on this. And can't wait to see what happens with it. Next on my list is a commercial demo refresh and then a promo demo.

Like almost everyone I have been in and out of Clubhouse rooms, it's a party but more than that it is a great way to connect and learn from peers and pros. So much fun being in with Brent and his Trailer Voice Artists crew. It's a family! Also if anyone is on iOS and wants an invite just send me a message to my email

On a personal note we have had a ton of snow here, and it has inspired me to start to look at some studio upgrades to make my studio cosy until I can begin the build my garden studio. I am loving my new pictures and lamp - can you tell I have a weird eclectic style. I'm totally here for it, and my kids love it! If you are interested in the artwork head to Phaedra Peer

Along with everyone else I have binged Bridgerton and now looking for the next thing… any suggestions? For those who haven't watched Bridgerton, it is a must see - plus it is set mainly in my beautiful hometown of Bath U.K. so you can see where I grew up (yes I got quite homesick watching it and had a big Zoom sash with my Bath friends to make me feel a smidge better).

I hope this very brief Newsbite finds you all safe and well.

Keep in touch and stay warm.

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