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Calm in the Chaos

Relax and unwind...
mindful moments with a little grit & a lot of grace

I have recently started working with two separate clients, one as a regular feature writer and the other as a regular radio presenter (my voice on radio - ummm this is COOL). 


These clients chose to work with me as I am able to dip into my background in psychology, wellness, as well as being a mummy to three beauties, a mental health advocate & a kick butt business owner - yeah I am used to juggling all the balls but not a day goes by that I am not grateful and not a minute goes by that I cannot utilize all the skills to help others.


The most recent article is written from the clients perspective, offering advice on how clients can work with voice talent and what is helpful to know. Extremely useful right now as we move into mental health awareness week. This will be in next weeks newsletter once it is live on the clients website.


I am loving the radio segment which is aimed at us as the talent. I offer “Calm In The Chaos” mindful moments peppered throughout your day to help ease you into the working week. I write them and present them and they are such a wonderful part of my day where I plonk myself on my beanbag in my studio, have some blissful music playing, my candles lit and my windows open to hear the birds and I focus for an hour to write… it is so serene. 


Want to know more, or interested in collaborating with me to share your mindful moments for me to present to the world, just reach out and let's chat. 


In the fast moving, high stress world we live in, it is so important to take time for your mental health. The impact of the pandemic was catastrophic to many and most found peace in taking time for self care and mental health support.


During the pandemic in 2020 and after, I was contacted by many meditation app providers to lend my voice to a number of narrations so they could aid people suffering - I have included a few samples here. 

If you have an app or narration you would like to discuss - please do reach out - click the button below to email me or use email:


...and lets chat about bringing more grace and calm to the world.

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